Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to me

My life is fucked.
For no reason at all,
that's just how it runs.
Who said I'm not glad.

Feb. 27, my sister and mom sent me money for my birthday.
I wrote to Dad how much I missed him,
worked all day,
I wasn't able to get up to go out with friends.
Feb. 28, Sunday, Lendro cooked dinner for my birthday eve,
It was cool,
maybe how I want things, perhaps,
less the cholesterol of course.
March 1, I was sitting in my computer just doing fuzz.
Dale treated me for a dinner in Hap Chang.
Dimsum stuffs, really my favorites.
March 2, I had an exhibit for Shu Uemura,
I asked Anton for help,
Wouldn't have done it without him.
all the greetings, the work I made,
it was all so wonderful that I kept on bowing my head everytime.
Blame me for being Chinese, I'd say.
I slept all night for I was too exhausted.

Today is March 2,
watched Skins, listed my stuffs to do,
blogging now,
and then I'd have to make 4 presentations.
and I have a birthday celebration to attend to.
Mine, that is.

'm never big on my own birthday,
I don't know..
But I hope one day, I'd be.

I just hope tonight goes well.
as I've said,
my life?
it's fucked.

Happy Birthday Cunt.

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