Saturday, March 31, 2012


Taking some step backwards doesn't mean you are backing off,
or you've lost,
Life is not a matter of winning and losing,
yet preparation is a key to your longevity.

Then again it wouldn't hurt to know for yourself,
admit that you are indeed afraid as well.
My damages has led me to feel human again,
and it matters.

All these stumbles had led me to think "I Am Growing and Growing More".
So when you get tired, leaf back to this page,
If it feels suddenly all Monday,
A step back wouldn't hurt because it is the only certain way to see a bigger, wider perspective. :)

And if you are lucky.

Rolando Lotho

Thursday, March 29, 2012

from a friend. :)

I am never afraid to shed my true color; 
it is a requirement of living a happy Llfe. 
D more honest you are, D better your chances of being happy. 
But then, we all have frustrations in life that we have 2 overcome. 

It is something that makes us humans; 
we have to live with our imperfections. 
I can say that I too have an insurmountable amount of blunders that I carry on my back. 
These are reminders that we are still living in the cruel world made by our own selfish desires.
 As a whole, I think about life as a big donut. Even how big it can get, the fact is that it will never become a donut unless it has a hole in d middle. 

The hole is the frustrations and dreams that we carry across life; 
we are eager to fill it up in order to move on to the next chapter. 
Funny isn't it? But do we not understand the essence of the hole in the middle? 
Do we see the world as a jungle where survival is the key in staying on top? I am not a philosopher but I perfectly understand why such things exist, it is a reminder that all things have a missing piece and that we must find it to appreciate using it. Just a thought I think...

I do not conform into anything that will hinder my self growth and progress. 
I am free to choose what I want to do and avoid things that are irrelevant in my life. 
We must be practical in order to stay up and stand strong until the end of the fight. 
I am strong in every aspect I would want to. 

But then, I still have my soft spot. 
I appreciate even the small things that are done by the simplest of people. 
I thank the experiences that life has given me, it all made me appreciate my dexterity in keeping up with progress. 

I would want to stay longer in this world to discover more things about myself, 
N to share my life to D people that really matter most.
I am who I want myself to be...
A person with no regrets N a few doubts in life.....

-Eduardo Viray

Thursday, March 22, 2012



When I was beginning,
Joey Reyes told me, 
"There will always be a film that will change you."
For him, it was "Tinimbang ka ngunit kulang"
Maybe I ain't done yet,
But for me, it might be "Ploning".

Something great. :)

The Great Wall of China

Many may think of the facts Wikipedia can give.
I've always had a different perspective.
I think it's a nice symbol.
of "Greatness".
it is a story of what the road of success is.
For to whom this king built it.
that 1 day, 1 will understand him.

When you get to the Great Wall of China,
You climb and climb and climb.
Indeed an effort.
yet you climb.
you get tired, take a pause.
you meet strangers,
they're smiling to their climb, take pictures,
then they inspire you to go again.
till all of you reach the peak,
A very welcome feeling.

Take a pause when you get to the peak, 
enjoy the view
just enjoy the view.
it will take a while to smile for you've reached it.

But the great wall of China teaches you a thing.
The top of the climb is worth it.
and when you get there,
its not really a lonely place,
its a long stretch,
a wide road awaits.
and there are places of rest...

and here's a Regine Velasquez song, I Believe. :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012


It hurts not to blow your only cake on your birthday.
I never got to make a wish...
Truth is, nobody wants a thing like that,
It feels really sad to have screwed up.