Tuesday, March 1, 2011

birthday thoughts

I never thought I'd make it this far.

Everybody in my life must have always known 
How I did  and tried my best.
Yung pagod ko,
yung efforts ko. everything.
I must think by now,
may tumutulong parati sa akin.

I'm thankful.
Real thankful.
This whole thing?
not everybody has this.
The stupid late night coffees,
the expensive comforter,
the  damn myself i can't afford this.
the i wish i had a bigger closet?
not everybody has this.

All the rest?
they wake up and brush their teeth  and go to their office.
they are like hens.

So i think this life really is a good one.
not great, but a dream life.

Sige let's brag.
All these wisdom, the talent.
the popularity and the magic.
Everybody wants this.
Even the chance for the 2nd life experience,
everybody envies that
totoo naman eh,
you get better after that.
the lessons learned.
the mistakes uncommitted has just got to be done.

So on my birthday,
tangina, lotho, I am very proud of you.
Rock and Roll you said.
Rock and Roll it is.

fuck you, happy 31st.

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