Saturday, October 6, 2012


It's been a tough life..

You grew up in the slums,
you tried to grow up without no one telling you how it is,
you tried your best in everything without somebody telling you what best means.

You arrive to a point where everything seems fine.
Then you take that extra step,
You move forward.

Then you become more matured.
Or at least you grow older.
Then some people you love leaves you.
Others die, others flake away.

Then you become sick.
And you try to figure out why.
You find a cure,
and leave everything behind.
You move on.

They say taking that curvy road takes you some place better,
You get your share of the pie.

Now, I am just enjoying my 2nd life.
Not everybody gets this chance of seeing life for the 2nd time.
It's different.
Really, really different that nobody will understand
Until they have been there.

This journal entry is dedicated to those 2 person who have left me permanently in my life,
They are watching me right now,
Both of them understands what i mean when I say my 2nd life around.
They never got that chance.