Thursday, March 22, 2012

Something great. :)

The Great Wall of China

Many may think of the facts Wikipedia can give.
I've always had a different perspective.
I think it's a nice symbol.
of "Greatness".
it is a story of what the road of success is.
For to whom this king built it.
that 1 day, 1 will understand him.

When you get to the Great Wall of China,
You climb and climb and climb.
Indeed an effort.
yet you climb.
you get tired, take a pause.
you meet strangers,
they're smiling to their climb, take pictures,
then they inspire you to go again.
till all of you reach the peak,
A very welcome feeling.

Take a pause when you get to the peak, 
enjoy the view
just enjoy the view.
it will take a while to smile for you've reached it.

But the great wall of China teaches you a thing.
The top of the climb is worth it.
and when you get there,
its not really a lonely place,
its a long stretch,
a wide road awaits.
and there are places of rest...

and here's a Regine Velasquez song, I Believe. :)