Sunday, February 20, 2011



there is pretty much 1 wish that I'd love to just receive.
I guess I deserve it perhaps.
It's 1 wish that everybody wishes for me.
I think so.
My sister knows it,
My Mom,
Even my deceased father knows it.
I just hope it happens sooner.
I've tried everything I can to prove my worth,
I guess.
I do.
Even this closed door
seems to be most rewarding.
Whatever is maybe there,
that we don't know of,
I'll be fine.
I'm thinking out all of this, loud.
For Christ's sake.
Mine as well.
Beyond all these,
Don't be mislead,
I'm doing great,
I am.
Grateful, I've been more than.
I guess I just wouldn't stop dreaming of this one.

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