Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tough Cookie

I am a very ambitious person.
With the highest mountain,
and a statue,
I won't be complacent contented.

Contentment is a state of which a person would be perceived as happy.
Because he is at the right place at the right time, something for the present.
Change is where being content is not an option,
the craving, the want, the curiosity in seeking for something a little bit more.

I find happiness in constant search for greatness.
Given a state where I can be contented,
I will maybe throw a laugh and ask what has eaten you
for there is vastness out there.
there will be golds and lands and birds,
and of men; women.
life! lives!

If I sit in a day and think this is my idea of nest.
Then I'll never have my face in a dollar bill.
I can never invent a light's light.
Magnificence to prevail.

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